Other Sites

Links to my OTHER PHOTO WEB SITES, and to some very good ones by friends and fellow photographers that I know and/or follow.  The links will open in a separate page.



http://www.nokodachrome.com — Roy Hovey    My original photo web site, with hundreds of photos to peruse by theme

www.rhovey.blogspot.com — Roy Hovey    My original photo blog, where I still post just a few photos each month or so and tell a little story about each photo, or the collection as a whole.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/29498534@N04/  — Roy Hovey    My Flickr photo site, associated with themes and photo outings with fellow members of the Morgan Hill Photography Club.


http://www.allmy.photography — Lance C. Trott    Lance is an advanced photographer whose images have been compared to Ansel Adams.  His work is regularly featured in various exhibitions and competitions around Northern California, and beyond.

http://gwzphotography.com — George W. Ziegler    George is the president of the Morgan Hill Photography club.  He put himself through college and took a degree in photographic art after retiring from a career in technology.  He’s now an award-winning photographer.

http://www.jjohnny.com — JJohnny    John’s artistic vision is to pursue abstract expressionism though advanced image combination with surrealistic application.  Simply put, he excels at this.

http://visual-journey.blogspot.com — Susan Brazelton    Susan is a highly skilled photographer and writes the eNewsletter for the large Morgan Hill Photography club, which she founded in 2008.

http://www.imagesbybk.com — Barbi Kutilek   Barbi is a wonderful photographer whose worldwide travels and photo ventures are featured in stunning photo books as well as on her web site and blog.  She and her husband Dave graciously lead photo shoot outings and teach or assist friends and fellow photographers with web site development to share their photographs.

http://www.birdingpix.com — Dave Kutilek    Besides the travels and endeavors Dave shares with Barbi (above), he is a world-class bird photographer.  If you enjoy birds and nature, you will love viewing Dave’s amazing work featuring birds from every corner of the world.

http://www.josevigano.com — Jose Vigano    Jose is a talented and inspiring photographer whose photos range from conceptual and the abstract to portrait and world travel adventures.


http://photo.net  All things photography, from news, cameras, and contests to learning links, forums, and featured photos.

http://www.dpreview.com — Digital Photography Review   One of or thee best professional site for reviews, articles, and information on cameras and equipment.  Dozens of camera discussion forum links too, and you can upload your photos to galleries for comment and participate in photo challenges.